Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 52 ~ New stuff randomly placed :)

I've been waiting for the new Selena Gomez CD for weeks!  I love everything she's done so far!  This album doesn't seem as good as her first, but I've only had it for a night now so we'll see what songs grow on me in time!  This picture was taken in my car right after I got off work and went to Walmart to buy it!

Edit to Add:  The CD has redeemed itself with a few awesome songs :)

Today's theme was "something randomly placed"

These are all of my/mine and my sister's "must have" CD and DVD purchases within the last year or two!  We always go to Walmart and buy it and then open it in the car and takepictures and then I started randomly putting the package label that you need to rip off right on my dashboard!

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