Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 228 ~ Harrold is a shell hog...

So I bought some new shells in Ocean City after the festival was over and before we all went to dinner... I bought maybe 4 and I was really hoping my blue crab would change into one of them because he's my tightest looking crab even though her changed right after we got them!  This was my middle of the night experience last night! I usually get up at some point during the middle of the night, and when I do I always flip on our dining room light just to check on the crabs, to see if anyone changed shells and make sure the havent beaten each other up.  Well I come out and I see a shell moving and I notice it's a new one!  I look around and notice both the green and blue crabs are still in their shells and it dawned on me... I was like "oh Harrold those shells are NOT for you!"  He hasn't even been in the one he was in for very long! He had already changed in to the one by 2 A.M when I came out and when I tried to pick him up I hadn't realized that he was practically attached to another one, the one in this picture and he wouldn't let go.  So I was like "Harrold if you are not in your current shell in the morning I am going to have words with you!" Sure enough, at 7 this morning I wake up to another empty shell! So one of the ones I just bought went to waste since he was only in it for a few hours! Ugh! Guess I better keep bringing in the shells!

Harrold's one night shell!

I put the used shells, knowing the crabs won't use a shell that's already been lived in, up here.... notice how the left three are all Harrold's and they get progressively bigger... but the one he moved into last is actually smaller than the biggest one there!  Silly Harrold!

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  1. hey, just a note...where did you hear that crabs won't use a shell that's already been lived in? i had hermit crabs for a while and they interchanged between shells ALL the time....and everything i ever read never said they wouldn't move into a shell that's been lived in...just a thought :)