Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 219 ~ Bedroom Makeover...

I've been dying to re arrange the furniture in our bedroom!  We're going to be here most likely for another year, so something had to change!  This is what we ended up with, not that you have anything to go on as to what it looked like before but.... it feels more open and gives me more motivation to keep it clean!

The bed was on the opposite wall before and so was my tall dresser

The book shelf used to be where the dresser is now and the dresser used to be where the bed is now.

Roman is checking things out, they were so confused while were doing this... the chair used to be in the opposite corner and used to be where Nate kept his work clothes etc.  I made him put it all elsewhere so we can actually make sitting use of the chair.

Since these pictures were taken, I'm having a hard time getting used to where the bed is newly positioned.  I feel kind of cramped and since I was used to sleeping in the opposite direction, my body thinks its weird, that and Ramona sleeps by my head now for some reason.  But Steve likes to sleep in the chair, which is good because he and Ramona don't fight for the bed anymore!  I really like how clean it stays and in the morning I make the bed now and I sit in the chair and drink my coffee every morning after opening the shades for morning light!

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