Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 220 (Monday March 7th) ~ Ivan :)

Today I started back with Mandy and John's kids two days a week.  I can't believe how much has changed with the little ones.... Sofia is saying full sentences now when she was only at a few words before.  But the biggest change, obviously, is the new baby, Ivan!  I love him.... he is SO wonderful, even his crying is cute!  He doesn't like to take a nap for me, but I have powers lol so I always won out in the end!  I've never taken care of a boy baby before, so I'm excited for the chance to practice even though I'm determined to only have sweet little girls one day ;) (I might as well say it since I'm already sure as cursed to have ten boys lol)  This is Ivan :)  He is three months old now!

he liked to chew on his fingers A LOT

Suzanne will also be coming every Monday, but not Thursdays because she still has school, to help us all out!  She's a life saver!  She has powers too and put Ivan to sleep just by walking around with him!

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