Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 226 ~ Pumpy turns 20..... something!!!

Today was my grandfather's birthday (he's has many heart surgeries over the years and so when we were younger we started calling him Pumpy after the episode of Arthur the Aardvark when he was talking to all his body parts and his heart tells the kidneys not to call him Pumpy.... coincidentaly now that I think about it, my grandfather's name is Arthur lol how fitting after all these years).... I came home last night from the festival so that we could all celebrate today!  He usually picks a year in the 20's that he decides he's turning, but this year he just said he's 20something :)  We had an excellent early dinner and cake and as always there were more good stories to tell and jokes to hear!  I love our family get togethers!  I'm so very thankful for him, he's been having a tough year with heart surgeries and we're all happy to celebrate this year with him, I wouldn't have missed it!

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