Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 225 (Saturday March 12th) ~ When bells ring....

My heart sings.... literally, I was on some sort of whacky cloud nine the whole time!  This was the empty ballroom after our first morning rehearsal... we were in that second row there!

Our excellent director, he was very funny and I really learned a lot from him!

me and Anna... we went walking on the beach with Cathy and Tom for a while after lunch.

Our choir :)
Front Row - Jamie, Jenn, me, Anna. Middle Row - Cheryl, Jane, Sue (my stand partner), Jeannette. Back Row - Greg, Ben, Cathy, Tom.

This was right before the big performance where people could come and listen to the songs we've been preparing on our own at home for months now and that we worked really hard to bring together in rehearsals all weekend!  Nate came to listen and take me home.  I know I did a lot better in rehearsal than in the performance, but I was still really proud of all of us... a few of those songs were hard enough without 500 other ringers playing with you!

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