Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 182 ~ Half way There

Today is half way through my 365 days of this photo blog.  I have redefined my standards for doing it since I started... at first I was bent on posting on the day no matter what!  But now I dont mind catching up a few days at a time with the pictures as long as the pictures are actually from that day and I at least came on and "labeled" a post so that the day was accurate!  Sometimes I run out of ideas, but over all I am really really happy with my dedication to this blog and I'm not sure even after the 365 days are up that I will be able to just abandon it :)

This afternoon, I went through a Think Geek magazing that was sitting around at Brad and Veronica's house ^_^  I've seen things online, and every once in a while I see something I want and Nate orders it for me... but today of my own will, I went through an entire magazine and actually found stuff on at least every other page I would want *gasp*  Many brownie points for the wife :)

And the other achievement of the day.... is that I finished building my duck pond in Farmville.... I thought it went well with the whole geek thing so I took a picture of it lol  Now I get to hatch and grow ducklings :)

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