Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 155 ~ January 2nd.... Back on Track

I thumb promised Nate  we would get back to fixing our Lego Taj Mahal tonight!  And we did!  We finished the big dome in the middle while watching Tuck Everlasting. After we were finished we were debating what year the movie came out... I said 2002, he said 1999 which I knew was way too early.  Then it occured to me, with me and my ticket stub saving ways, that I had the ticket stub at could confirm when it came out!  Check this out... Nate laughed at me for it too.... after 8 plus years of saving ticket stubs....

I'll make Nate turn it right side up later ;) But it says 2002! Crazy, huh?! I'm almost positive I went to see that with My friend Alex... it was with her that I started my ticket saving :)

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