Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 164 ~ Turning a new page...

One of my new goals is to read a new book every week, so every Monday I have to be on a new book!   I know I need to pass up my remote and my controller for the exbox that holds many of my shows, for something more productive now and then and forcing my way through new books is how I'm going to start!  So the point of today's picture is that I'm putting my book first instead of the tv as you can see the remote and controller behind it!  This is the first book probably in over a year that I've read that isn't an Amish fiction book :)  It's a bit to adjust to since I am used to the simple lilt of the Amish ways.... i.e. there is cursing in this book, could do without that... but all in all it's a good challenge!

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