Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 165 ~ Save the last dance...

Fate was looking out for us today!  It was Lyndsay's last day before boot camp and we had mentioned going to Chuch E. Cheese for one last dance on Exceed before she goes away until who knows when!  We didn't know if it was going to beable to happen since I had to work and it was my grandmother's birthday.  Well as it happened my grandmother hadno plans for a family get together and I surprisingly got the day off since my family I work for was sick.  We have gotten a "picture" (one of those things you put a token in and Chucky draws your picture on the screen and it gives you a print out!) almost every time we've gone... and today was no exception since it would be our last time there for quite some time.  As it turned out, Lyndsay got a call from her recruiter saying that because of the possible snow in, she needed to report at 1 and stay the night at a hotel before shipping out.  So we wouldn't have beenable to do it any other time if life hadn't aligned this morning in our favor!

Also note the date at the bottom... it says 1/11/11 :) I was excited to see that. The "theme" for today on the 365 challenge (not that I've usedit in a while since I started this on my own and typically don't need the theme they provide) was to document 1/1/11 and make it meaningful!  I'll say this was pretty meaningful! <3

Lucky enough to catch this one without trying :)

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