Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 163 ~ Anchors Away

Today was Lyndsay's going away party as she leaves on Wednesday for Navy bootcamp!
I confess I did not take these pictures.... Lyndsay's dad did.  He is the far superior picture taker number one, and number two with all the craziness in there I didn't want to add to it by asking to get one on my camera!  But this is an important event in our lives and thus it must be documented :)

Lyndsay with her friends who were still at the party at the time this was taken.  Her rommate from college, Lauren, was also there but had left a while before.  I really love how we're all placed in this picture, I don't think that was planned either, just turned out awesome looking like that!

      The anchor that, according to her younger sister Melodie, has now replaced Lyndsay in the family ;)

Lyndsay's family!

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