Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 156 ~ It's about time! Crabs are random creatures!

Another one of my crabs changed shells last night :)

Harrold likes to hide under the water dish for days at a time... so the only time I ever see him is during the day when I don't want to disturb him and then by night he's back under the water dish!

Last night he was out and walking around so I got him out and played with him and as I was doing that I re-arranged some of the shells and asked them why they hadn't changed into any yet! :)  Guess Harrold wanted to make me happy!  I cam out around 3 A.M to go to the bathroom and I almost always check the crabs to make sure they're ok, and there was Harrold's shell empty, and he was in this one next to it! I thanked him for putting me at ease that he wasn't going to croak in that little blue shell of his!

I think hermits are most random because while I was nervous that none besides Shelby had changed, and that was many months ago, I acknowledged that it still seemed like Harrold and Sylvia were pretty small and maybe they didn't need to change yet!  It still seemed like they had plenty of room. And just as I'm thinking all this, Harrold changes.  Random!  Now I have to start the hunt for more shells!

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