Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 296 (Tuesday, May 24th) ~ What to do on a day off....

Kateri is still in Texas until tomorrow, so I had the day off.  Unfortunately I had to have a hermit crab funeral :/  Harrold went to Crabby Patty heaven last night.  I was very sad as I went to bed and this morning when I took him out.  He was a good crab and a survivor... three months in a planters pot, and then he got to have friends and sand to dig under and climbed the infamous lego taj majal.  A fullfilled crabby life! :)  Then to celebrate the first Tuesday that Suzanne did not have school, and the day off.... she, nate and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger Tides.  I liked it just as much as the others before it!

Harrolds funeral.... he is burried next to Murphey the robo hamster, Penelope and the poor baby birds we found last week!

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