Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 288 (Monday, May 16th) ~ Spring Concert

We didn't have handbells tonight because it was Jamie and Ms. Jeannette's music student spring concert.  My sister usually plays, but she has decidedto take a break from piano.  I of course volunteered to help regardless because I love to be part of things.  We had to set up down stairs quickly because there was a meeting going on at the same time as the concert so both were ending at almost the same time.  I couldn't have done it this time without the Pontzer kids.  The boys all play different instruments, but Jesse was finished and offered to help me.  He and his little sister Gianna were a God send and we got everything done just in time for the last performance to end.  Joy helped as well wehn she arrived. 

Jesse and Joy
And also much credit to the women in the background who helped Jesse set up the tables and chairs while I ran around putting finishing touches on everything!

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