Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 292 (Friday, May 20th) ~ "When Daddy let me drive"

Ok so he never let me drive his car, because it's a stick shift and I had no interest in learning... that's a line from a song.  Regardless, when I got my first car, I knew it had to be a Saturn.  I loved my daddy's blue Saturn and I wanted one just like it.  So I got one, just a little newer and green instead of blue! 

Now, our matching Saturns face a possible seperation :/ 

Someone hit my dad's on his way home from work and since it's not worth very much, they may total the car if repairing it will cost more than it's worth.  I hope this doesn't happen, but it's had a good long life if it does.  Poor Saturn!

On a happier note... the sky cleared up today when my sister and I went to the gym!  Kateri is in Texas with her parents for a wedding and so I had a day off and we had a family dinner while Nate looked at the computer for them.  My dad and I got creative picking out dessert! :)

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