Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 293 ~ A tough day :/

I woke up to find Harrold out of his shell just sitting in the cage.  According to research they really only come out like that if something is wrong.  Every night if I get up to use the bathroom I always check on the crabs and this is one of the reasons why... I always thought it was just an irrational habit of mine though and never really expected it to happen.  So we're doing everything the internet says to do when that happens, which is pretty standard accross the websites, but he's still not back in a shell and this is uncharted territory for me so I'm slightly spent emotionally.  Ask me anything about cats or hamsters and I'm good with that, but hermits, not so good.  So right now he's in the bowl with water and clean boiled shells, but I'm still very worried because if this doesn't work I won't know anything else to do for him :/

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