Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 280 ~ Day of Mothers

Today was a bitter sweet Mother's day.  I went over to Nate's mom's house to help her plant some of her summer plants.  It was fun and I learned how to master the topsey turvey!

Then I went over to my mom's house to say happy day of mothers to her, and enter the bitter sweet part.  When I got there Suzanne told me her hamster had passed away.  Penelope Jane was the sweetest hamster ever and she wasn't even very old :/  We will miss her very greatly (we often pronounced her name like canteloupe... pen-e-loupe)  This is a picture I took just last Saturday when we accidentally woke her up by being suddenly loud.  She really loved Suzanne and we loved her!  I went with Suzanne the day she picked her out... so we are sad, but she is with all the other many of our beloved hamsters from over the years!

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