Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 152 ~ All Together Now

Tonight was a wonderful night!  My college roommate Nicole, had all of us roommates and our now husbands over to her house for dinner!  We haven't all been together at the same place since Christmas 2006!  We ate dinner, talked and cought up, and then played Apples to Apples! The last time we were all together, I think I was the only one who was engaged yet... I can't believe how everything has changed in 4 years and as Giselle's husband Dan pointed out, it was a short 4 years because its seems like just yesterday we were all together at school!

December 11th 2006
From Left to right: Dan Urban, Giselle Melendez, Nate Tilley, Jessica Rachid, Nicole Metgez, Kenn DeMoll, Lauren Schroyer, and Joe Bathgate

Dcember 30th 2010
Joe and Lauren Bathgate, Kenn and Nicole Demoll, Dan and Giselle Urban, Nate and Jessica Tilley

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