Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 131 ~ Have you seen my keys??

So.... after looking everywhere for my mailbox keys... ours is the upper most left corner... I have deducted they are nowhere :(  I have been looking for days after realizing that I didn't know where they are and they arent in any of the obvious places I usually keep them.  But my mailbox feels sad knowing it has to wait to get it's keys replaced and I keep looking regardless of the fact that my efforts feel useless!  And my Grey's Anatomy Netflix is in there and I'm eager to get in there and get it out so I can watch it!

Sad, neglected mailbox!

Update.... since this picture was taken.... the mailbox has found it's keys!!!!  In fact they never left it!  Literally!  Someone found them in the key hole and just turned them into the leasing office!  Someone tell me why on earth they didn't think to check for an apartment number before taking them??  So the office had them all this time and just didn't do anything about it since the person said they found them and didn't know whos they were!  And of course it took us a week and a half to determine we couldnt find them and on top of that, even though Nate called about them on a Thursday, they made us wait til Monday to "deal" with it!  After losing many brain cells, I am relieved that they have been found and yet wondering where my brain was when I left them IN the mailbox!  I can't wait to have my own without keys!


  1. No I have not. Because you haven't uploaded the picture yet. ;)

  2. I KNOW!!!! Thats because I'm lazy and I have yet to get a picture of the actual thing that's missing keys.... need daylight to do it... but they are still missing so I'm on it! lol