Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 126 ~ And we're on a roll... !!!

My great-grandmother was Polish and every year she would make her polish nutroll!  After she passed away, my mom, my grandmother and her twin (my aunt karen), my cousin Amy, my sister and I decided to keep the tradition going by getting together and making it once a year.  We made five batches, each batch making 8 rolls, and we have an amazing system going now!  We started at 8:30, worked all day... give or take a few goofing off breaks or to eat, and were finally finished at almost 4!  These are the pictures from the production line :)

The brown rolling pin there is my great-grandmother's rolling pin... now used by my mom!

My Aunt Karen and Grandmother, Kathy... Me, my sister Suzanne, My mom Carmen,
and my cousin Amy (Karen's daughter)

And that's a wrap :)

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